Journal 24 (2008)

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Edward T Wilson (1832 – 1918) – co-founder of Cheltenham Photographic Society
David Elder
Beetham’s the chemists (1846 – 1960s) Sue Rowbotham
Growing up in Wellington Street Amina Chatwin
Cheltenham ‘s early market buildings Carolyn Greet
The Owe 40 Club: National Lawn Tennis and Squash in Leckhampton Elizabeth Millman & Pauline Bradstock
The Macready mystery Sue Rowbotham
The de Cheltenham Family in 14th century Gloucestershire Michael Greet
Where is your nearest Post Office? Mick Kippin
F W Robertson (1816 – 53): ‘Philosopher, Poet, Priest and Prophet’ Alan Munden
Frederick Whishaw, Boris the Bear Hunter and the Moorend Grotto Eric Miller
‘The Grand Exhibition of Plants of All Nations’ – 1853 Geoff North & Elaine Heasman
Lifting the lid on a royal scandal Terry Moore-Scott
We knew Percy Braisby JudySmith
The Honorary Freemen of the Borough of Cheltenham Peter Smith
Cheltenham commemorative guineas and half guineas of George III Martin Warburton
The new hall in Bennington Street – Laying the memorial stone (from the Cheltenham Free Press: 16 September 1882) Vic Cole
Recent books and articles on the history of Cheltenham Steven Blake
Gloucestershire Archives: Cheltenham area accessions, 2007 Julie Courtenay