Newsletters are published three times each year, and include reviews of Society talks and events, short articles researched by members, book reviews, Society and volunteer news, and other items of interest. The Editor, Kath Boothman, can be contacted by email.

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July 2023 no.106

AGM report | New online: Brian Torode Archive | PocketApps walk on the South side: The Suffolks | Obituary: Peter Barlow | Memories of York and Union Streets and the Alstone Baths | Miss B Roberts and the Hospital Egg Day | A Cheltenham Pharmacy Advertisement from 1910-1912 | A chance meeting in Carlisle with Dean Close | A mysterious window at the Delancey Hospital | Cheltenham Hebrew Congregation 200th Anniversary Download the Newsletter

March 2023 no.105

Obituary: Mike Grindley | New online newspapers, directories and transcriptions | Arts Council award: Jill Waller | Volunteer update and the story of Payne, Polley and Chirm | Local History in old Photographs | Dr John Abercrombie: friend of Dr Edward Wilson and co-founder of the Photographic Society | Download the Newsletter

November 2022 no.104

GLHA Summer Afternoon | Anniversary celebration | Local Studies Library | A House through Time: 25 Lansdown Place | Heir Hunters and Dunalley School | A Chronology of Trade and Industry in Cheltenham New edition 2022 | A Small Item of Cheltenham Museum Memorabilia | Proclamation of a New King | Download the Newsletter

July 2022 no.103

GLHA Local History Day | Heritage Open Days 2022 | Curry and Colonels walk | The Latest Blue Plaque [to Alfred Miles] | Memorial to Katherine ACourt, Part 2 | Cheltenham and the Crimean War | Cheltenhams Connection with the Opium Trade | Download the Newsletter

March 2022 no.102

AGM Report | Mary Delanys Picture | Obituary:  James Hodsdon | The Collector of BoggleyWollah | Memorial to Katherine ACourt part 1 | Book review: He Went About Doing Good’: The Life of Dr Edward Thomas Wilson of Cheltenham | Download the Newsletter

November 2021 no.101

Cheltenhams Boot and Shoemakers | The Robins painting (cover picture) | The Complete Diary of a Cotswold Parson | A General Cheltenham Guide 1818 | Another historic photograph | Four Weddings and too many Funerals | Download the Newsletter

July 2021 no.100

 The Cycling Cherubs | Göttingen link | And the Name of the Unknown Man is… | The earliest view of Cheltenham? | The Holst Victorian House |  Shillings were made round to go round …… | Leckhampton Yesteryear |  Obituary Aylwin Sampson | The Blacksmiths Tomb | Heritage Open Days | The Joy of Pantomime  | Download the Newsletter

March 2021 no.99

Heritage Open Days 2021 | Obituary Geoffrey North | The Bombing of Kipling Road | Youve Got Me Thinking The Autobiography of Amina Daphne Chatwin 1927-2016 | John Higgs, PigKiller | Dr Thomas Christie | Election Results in Cheltenham  | Download the Newsletter

November 2020 no.98

Covid Lockdown @ The Hub | The Oral History Project | Covid, Vaccination and the Medical Men of St Georges Place | Nathaniel Smith & Wychbury | Glimpses of Cheltenham | A Life of Riley? |  Leckhampton LHS Research Bulletin | The End of the Sky | Joan Cooke, a woman who ‘Lived Famous to her End’  | Download the Newsletter

July 2020 no.97

The GinnerMawer School of Dance and Drama 194754 | What were you doing on VE Day? | Richard Liddell, from Cook to HotelKeeper | A Leap of Faith: Christ Churchs Italian apse Cheltenham Hall a Unique Reference ? | Pigeongatethe Royal Old Well Gates at The Crippetts | Obituary: Brian White | The Brian Jerrard Award 2019  | Download the Newsletter

March 2020 no.96

Rock House Revisited | ‘Use it or lose it’ – Local Studies Library at risk! | Adam Lindsay Gordon ate my hamster!? Now for the true story | Whats in a name? | The location of a George Rowe painting revealed | Remembrance of Things Past: the Chain Library and the Milk Bar | Download the Newsletter

November 2019 no.95

Conspicuously Marked’: Vehicle Registration in Gloucestershire, 190313 | Yet another Cheltenham! – Pennsylvania | Scrapbooks Wynnifred Mary EllisThe Hall, Montpellier | The Mysterious Richard Liddell | 1919 in Cheltenham and NationwideOops! the Bishop of Gloucester and the Sherborne Street sweep |    Download the Newsletter

July 2019 no.94

Another Cheltenham – New Zealand | Blue plaque to James Forbes-Robertson | AGM 2019 | The Resident and Lake House | Obituary: Judy Smith |  Download the Newsletter

March 2019 no.93

Another Cheltenham – NSW Australia | Obituary: Derek Rowles | Book launch: The Indomitable Mr Cotham Missioner, Convict Chaplain and Monk | Research and Display Evening |Society Members Meet Royalty: opening of the Heritage Hub | Obituary: Catriona Smith | We will remember them…the Byard family | Twinning helps research: Göttingen |   Download the Newsletter

November 2018 no.92

 VCH Short: Cheltenham before the Spa | St Andrew’s Local History Afternoon: ‘Salubritas et Eruditio| Obituary: Joyce Cummings | Obituary: Elaine North |  Two First World War Postcards | WWI battlefield crosses in Cheltenham | Historic photographs: Cheltenham post office staff and police officers |  Download the Newsletter

July 2018 no.91

Between the Wars: Life in Gloucestershire 1919-1939 GLHA Local History Day | AGM 2018 | Cheltenham’s War Memorial painting goes on display |Blue plaque to Florence Earengey | Railway Correspondence and Travel Society: plaque | The end of another era: Leckhampton convenience store|     Download the Newsletter

March 2018 no.90

 A U-turn at the Pump Room | Cheltenham’s Forgotten War Memorial Painting: CLHS’s contribution to the ‘Cheltenham Remembers’ Project | National Railway Society founded in Cheltenham 90 years ago | Outward Bound for New Zealand…. Or not…? Philip Greenway | Blue Plaque: Dame Sidney Browne | CLHS Facebook page | Alfred Miles (1853-1932) and ‘his life’s work’ | Down Memory Lane: the Society in 1988 | Obituaries: Reginald Nidd and Richard Lacock | Votes for Women: Cheltenham and the Cotswolds | Charity in 17th Century Minsterworth Download the Newsletter

November 2017 no.89

Blue plaque: Dorothea Beale | Robert Bruce Foot: ‘Father of Indian Pre-history’ | Obituary: John Guilor | Lower Alstone Mill | Friends of Pittville Queen’s Award | BGAS Library | ‘….with much dread’ : An early casualty of The Ladies’ College |   Download the Newsletter

July 2017 no.88

Friends of Pittville Queen’s Award | Obituary: Ron Prewer | ‘Gardens for Food, Fun and Flowers’: GLHA Local History Day | Arts’ Council award: Neela Mann | AGM 2017 | Accidental light on the date when Cheltenham’s Great House was erected | GWR Gates and Railings from the Travis Perkins Site |  Download the Newsletter

March 2017 no.87

Recasting of The Minster bells | Obituary: Dorothy Seton-Smith | Research and Display Evening | Fire Insurance Policies: an under-used resource for local history | Amina Chatwin: a postscript | Obituary: Roger Jones | Something a little different in Cheltenham’s WW2 local press: rheumatic elephants and other stories |  Download the Newsletter

November 2016 no.86

St Andrew’s Local History Afternoon ‘Women of Cheltenham’ | ‘All persons shall be kindly entertained as usual’ Cheltenham in the (old) news | Cheltenham’s Looker-On: the ‘missing’ volume | Historical snippet from Minsterworth | Download the Newsletter

July 2016 no.85

Five noteworthy women of Cheltenham | Book launch: Cheltenham in the Great War by Neela Mann | From Rajahs to Rogan Josh | AGM 2016 | Obituary: Amina Chatwin | Past Crimes and Misdemeanours in Minsterworth | Download the Newsletter

March 2016 no.84

Research and Display Evening | Decorative Stones in the Church of St. Gregory, Cheltenham | Cheltenham in the Great War the Story behind the Book | 1716-2016 – Time for a Tercentenary! | Minsterworth’s Senior Citizen | Jane Cook: An Extraordinary Cheltenham Lady part 4 |   Download the Newsletter

November 2015 no.83

Immigration and Emigration to, from and within Gloucestershire’ GLHA Local History Day |  | Jane Cook: An Extraordinary Cheltenham Lady part 3 | Teas and Talks fundraisers for VCH | Peter Smith award: Elaine and Geoff North | Historic England Angel Award for Pittville Gates Project | Cheltenham’s Slave Owners |Brawls, Bills and Blunderbusses: territorial disputes in 16th and 17th century Cheltenham  | Download the Newsletter

July 2015 no.82

From Pittville to Printing: a new display in the Paper Store at The Wilson | Formal opening of the Pittville Gates | Blue plaque: Dr Grace Billings | AGM 2015 | Jane Cook: An Extraordinary Cheltenham Lady part 2 | Cheltenham and the Men in their Flying Machines | Download the Newsletter

March 2015 no.81

South Cheltenham—200 Years of Trading History | Reflections on ohe History of the Plough | New publication An Artist’s Life by Marilyn Swann | Jane Cook: An Extraordinary Cheltenham Lady part 1 | Cheltenham Camera Club 150th Anniversary | Discovering Early Modern Cheltenham (VCH)  | Download the Newsletter

November 2014 no.80

Pittville Gates | The Effects of World War I on Gloucestershire Communities’ GLHA Local History Day | A look at Apprentices |  Local History Day ‘Cheltenham Life 19141919’ The War Memorial in the Promenade: restoration work | The Trials of Transcribing | ‘Unruly Behaviour’ in 17th Century Cheltenham | Download the Newsletter