Welcome to Cheltenham Local History Society

CLHS welcomes everyone who shares our interest in the study and promotion of local history, particularly the history of our town, Cheltenham and its people, and the surrounding area in the county of Gloucestershire.

Our website includes an archive of research Journals and Newsletters, and a growing database of newspapers, street directories and record transcriptions, which are free to download.

If you have an enquiry about the history of Cheltenham and its inhabitants, please see our Enquiries page. For general queries about our Society please complete our contact form.

Our banner image is Thomas Robins’ 1748 West Prospect of the Spaw & Town of Cheltenham and we are grateful to Alex Clark for granting permission to use it. Steve Blake’s article on page 11 of our November 2021 Newsletter explains its origins.

We are grateful to Jill Waller and Sue Rowbotham for allowing us to use views of Cheltenham from their collections.