Victoria County History

We would like to be able to report that the last two years have seen rapid progress towards the completion of Cheltenham’s ‘Big Red Book’ but inevitably the closure of Gloucestershire Archives has had an effect, as has the recent sudden death of our leader and mentor James Hodsdon.

Now in Spring 2022 we are recovering rapidly:

Work at the Gloucestershire Archives has resumed every Monday.

Dr Nicholas Kingsley has taken on the chairmanship of the Gloucestershire County History Trust.

John Chandler is resuming his role as county editor.

Jan Broadway has responsibility for Cheltenham and is supported by a strong band of volunteers.

Funds needed

While volunteers can help with some of the initial research, if we are to bring our Big Red Book to completion, we need to employ professional expertise. This costs money, so please consider a one-off donation to Gloucestershire County History Trust or a monthly amount.

Progress in the five parishes – VCH Volume XV – Borough of Cheltenham