Journal 18 (2002)

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The Cheltenham Town Survey of 1855-57 Elaine Heasman
Maskelyne and Cooke: Cheltenham’s men of mystery Sue Rowbotham
One out, all out: Resignations from the Cheltenham Fire Brigade Mick Kippen
No Hawlf Measures: Gifts of land in the 12th and 13th Centuries Michael Greet
Cheltenham apprentices in Gloucester, 1595 -1700 Jill Barlow
Beating the Bounds: the 1823 Perambulation of Cheltenham Terry Moore-Scott
Cheltenham as it might have been: The Grammar School 1886 Eric Miller
Cheltenham in 1830: Three unpublished letters from William Barton of Southwark Steven Blake
Frederick Munroe (1791-1879): Soldier and Cheltenham Commissioner Derek Rowles
The Caffieri Family from France: their life in Cheltenham Mike Grindley
Christina Rossetti’s Cheltenham connection Jill Waller