New online: Tivoli, architects & sculptors, and Jewish & Catholic history

Recently added to our growing database is a collection of research articles by the late Reverend Brian Torode, a long time and highly regarded member of CLHS, who was minister of St Stephen’s Church, Tivoli for many years.

Items included in the archive are:

  • The Story of Tivoli, history of trading and memories of the parish, St Stephen’s Church history and gallery of images
  • Other Cheltenham local history: Masters of Ceremonies, Suffolk Lawn, Naunton area, the Cemetery and its occupants, Ladies’ College, Eye Infirmary
  • Architects and sculptors: John Middleton and gallery of images, Boulton & Sons, the Brown family & the Caryatides, William Hill Knight, Ellery Anderson
  • The Hebrew Community of Cheltenham, Gloucester & Stroud
  • Catholic history: St Gregory’s, Anti-Catholicism, Nazareth House, the Ursulines