Journal 4 (1986)

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The lands of the Withington Poor Charity Barbara Rawes
Squire Delabere and the inclosure of Prestbury Beryl Elliott
The Pipe Organ in Cheltenham Roy Williamson
Arle House: home of the Welch family Phyllis White
Gunmaking in Cheltenham since 1815: an outline chronology Chris Howell
Retailing at Montpellier, 1831-71 Ian McLean
Parachuting in Cheltenham, 1837-38 Barbara Sobey
Liszt in Cheltenham, 1840 Lowinger Maddison
The proposed enlargement of Cheltenham Parish Church, 1841 Alan Munden
Beer, Breakfast and Bribery:- Electoral corruption in Cheltenham during the elections of 1847 and 1848 Adrian Courtenay
A short history of Thirlestaine Hall Steven Blake