Journal 36 (2020)

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The Forgotten Half? How Cheltenham men supported the women’s campaign for the vote
Sue Jones
‘The Greatest Crusade of all – the Crusade for World Peace’: Cheltenham and the League of Nations Union, 1920-21 Adrian Courtenay
The Quaker Burial Ground in Grove Street Jill Waller
‘Éclat to our town unprecedented and pleasing’: the first air balloon ascent from Cheltenham in 1813 Mark Davies
Potteries, Tiles and Brickmaking in Leckhampton Eric Miller
‘Bracing Qualities’: Pittville’s Outdoor Swimming Baths James Hodsdon
The Moorend Grotto discovered Eric Miller
Photographic competition
Recent Books, Articles and Webpages on the History of Cheltenham in 2019 Steven Blake
Gloucestershire Archives: New Accessions for Cheltenham 2019 Julie Courtenay