Journal 29 (2013)

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Thirty Years and Counting Elaine & Geoff North
Who Screened the First Talkie in Cheltenham? John Elliott
Beer But No Skittles: David Powell, Tavern- Keeper in Jacobean Cheltenham James Hodsdon
George Freeman, Fundholder of 6 Bayshill Villas David Aldred
Faggots and Peas: the Lower High Street Joyce Cummings
The Penfold Pillar Boxes of Cheltenham Richard Popplewell
Carroll’s Adventures in Cheltenham Sue Rowbotham
Endeared to Friends and Pupils Alike: the Tiesset and Gonez Families,1836 -1884 Joanna Vials
Where is it now? Cheltenham’s Old ‘Cold Bath’ Amina Chatwin
Howletts of Cheltenham: Jewellers and Watch and Clock Makers Eric Miller
History in the Unmaking: Pittville Gates Are Dismantled Judie Hodsdon
Carlton Place, Cheltenham Heather Atkinson
Linking the Records: the Apothecary’s Tale Sally Self
Recent Books and Articles on the History of Cheltenham Steven Blake
Gloucestershire Archive: Cheltenham Area Acquisitions 2012 Julie Courtenay