Journal 28 (2012)

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Members of Parliament for Cheltenham 1832 – 1924
Martin Horwood & Anthea Jones
Cheltenham’s Olympic connections Sue Rowbotham
Edward Wilson; his life in Cheltenham David Elder
In search of The Calculating Boy, George Parker Bidder 1806 – 1878 Eric Miller
Cheltenham – 30 years of development Sally Self
Cheltenham’s Mr Music; Arthur Cole Leslie Burgess
Shackleford’s Railway and Carriage Works, Albion St and St James Eric Miller
Reverend Doctor Andrew Morton Brown and a Welsh connection David Aldred
The dangers of being a Nosey Parker: 1516 Anthea Jones
William Penn Gaskell, 1808-1882 Derek Benson
Recent books and articles on the history of Cheltenham Steven Blake
Gloucestershire Archives: Cheltenham area accessions, 2011 Julie Courtenay