Journal 37 (2021)

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Mr Seward’s Ingenious Exhibition of the Fantoccini at Cheltenham: the talented Seward family – musicians, actors, acrobats, dancers, puppeteers, painters
Peter Clifford
‘An Acre of Violets’ – The Market Gardens of Kingsditch and Neighbourhood Sally Self
Theodora Mills – a voice to be heard Adrian Courtenay
‘Young Zamiel Gripeall’: Controversial Cheltenham Newspaper Proprietor and Hotelier Mark Davies
Potteries, Tiles and Brickmaking in Leckhampton (Part 2) Eric Miller
Was Jane Barker a ‘Sabbath-breaker and adulteress’? Alan Munden
Recent Books, Articles and Webpages on the History of Cheltenham in 2019 Steven Blake
Gloucestershire Archives: New Accessions for Cheltenham 2020 Julie Courtenay