Journal 35 (2019)

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Cheltenham’s Zoo Wars: Proposed Zoological Gardens in Pittville and The Park in the 1830s
Stuart Manton
Dr Wilson and His Friends Eric Miller
John Coates Carter: a late flourishing of the Arts & Crafts in Cheltenham Dr Alec Hamilton
Early emigrants from Cheltenham to New Zealand: kindred spirits? James Hodsdon
‘A Forceful Personality’: William Gyde, c.1779 – 1867 Graham Gyde
The Development of Cheltenham, 1895-1947 David Drinkwater
Paradise Lost? Exploring Cheltenham’s Anglo-India Connections Jim Markland
‘The First Policewomen of Cheltenham: in Wartime and Peacetime, 1918-1945 Dr Clifford Williams
Photo competition for 2018
Recent Books, Articles and Webpages on the History of Cheltenham, 2018 Steven Blake
Gloucestershire Archives: Cheltenham New Accessions 2018 Julie Courtenay