Journal 32 (2016)

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Sally Self
People and Places of Plantagenet Cheltenham
James Hodsdon
‘A Man of Quick Sympathy’: Reverend John More, 1840-1910 Caroline Sherwood
‘Done is a Battel on the Dragon Black’? The Chapels of the Medieval Church in Cheltenham Michael Greet
Remembering St James and Malvern Road Stations David Aldred
‘That Lady in Grey’: Blanche Percival’s Contribution to Cheltenham, 1939-1966 Virginia Adsett
‘In the Mault House’: Four Centuries of Malting and Brewing in Cheltenham Sally Self
John Joyner, Photographer and Artist Eric Miller
Volunteering at Gloucestershire Archives Sally Self
Cheltenham’s First Music Festivals Graham Lockwood
‘… an Intolerable Croud in the Streets’, From the Correspondence of William Baker Alex Craven
Books and Articles on Cheltenham 2015 Steven Blake
Gloucestershire Archives: Cheltenham New Accessions 2015 Julie Courtenay