Journal 31 (2015)

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Sally Self
The Women’s Suffrage Movement in Cheltenham 1871-1914
Sue Rowbottom
Henry of Up Hatherley – A Tale of 14th Century Injustice Eric Williams
Dr Grace Billings (1872-1957): Cheltenham’s First Lady Practitioner Anthea Jones
Domenico Dragonetti Joseph Barnett, Musician & Teacher (1839-1911) April Marjoram
Lord Dartmouth, ‘the one who wears a coronet & prays’ and the 18th Century Religious Revival in Cheltenham Alan Munden
‘1720 and All That’ Sally Self
Cheltenham Grammar School Fifty Years Ago David Aldred
Breakfast for a Penny: Leopold’s, Bakers and Confectioners – Part 2 Bob Leopold
William Montague Gardner, Sculpter and Engraver (1804-1873) and his Circle Eric Miller
Celebrating Cheltenham Photographers Sue Rowbotham
Words of Encouragement and Appreciation: Memories from the Second World War Virginia Adsett
Seton Peacey and his ‘Epic of a Cheltenham Family David Elder
The Restoration Inn and John Dobell & Co, 1836-1953 Joyce Cummings & Vic Cole
Recent Books & Articles on the History of Cheltenham 2014 Steven Blake
Gloucestershire Archives: Cheltenham New Accessions 2014 Julie Courtenay