Journal 19 (2003)

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Cheltenham Local History Society 1982 – 2002
Elaine Heasman
Montpellier Walk: its initial development, chronology and & early occupants
Mike Grindley
20th Century celebrations Sue Rowbotham
The Blue Man & other marvels:- Buffalo Bill’s visit to Cheltenham, 1903 James Hodsdon
The Cheltenham Improvement Act 1852 Elaine Heasman
Cheltenham’s Chinese pagodas Mick Kippen
Repertory in North Street Roger Beacham
This Convenient Edifice’: The Temporary Church in Cheltenham Alan Munden
Barnby Bendall and Co Ltd, furniture removals & storage 1839-1976 Eric Miller
Dame Sidney Browne (1850-1941): the modern Florence Nightingale Derek Rowles
Mr Entwisle and the elusive Post Office Carolyn Greet
Review: Memoirs of a Social Atom by W E Adams Sue Rowbotham
Recent books and articles on the history of Cheltenham Steven Blake
GRO: Cheltenham area accessions, 2002 Julie Courtenay