Journal 34
Sally Self
Cheltenham’s Lost Heritage Revisited: Part 2; with Addendum to Part 1
Oliver Bradbury
The Staffing of the Chapels of Medieval Cheltenham Michael Greet
Joseph Dunton, Part 2, Photography and Fireworks Julian Holland
Black and White in Cheltenham John Chandler
Cheltenham's Theatres, 1805 Onwards: Part 2 James Ritchie
Cheltenham Town Council: Digitising the Committees' Minutes, 1888-1937 David Drinkwater
Plantocrats and Rentiers: Cheltenham’s Slave-owners Eric Miller
'Keape a mastye dawge or byche …' Jill Barlow
'Did Cut and Cast Down His Bone': Law and Order, 16th and 17th Century Alex Craven
Errata – ‘Being Divine’: Sarah Bernhardt
Recent Books, Articles and Webpages on the History of Cheltenham, 2017 Steven Blake
Gloucestershire Archives: Cheltenham New Accessions 2017 Julie Courtenay

It has been pointed out that the page numbering of the INDEX in this year's Journal 34 is incorrect. We offer our apologies to all members who have been inconvenienced by this. A corrected version is available as a pdf. Should you require a hard copy please send an addressed envelope to Mrs S P Self, 70 Brooklyn Road, Cheltenham, GL51 8DU, or a copy can be obtained at the AGM on 22 May, 2018.